IT System Basics

IT System and Server Fundamentals, ignore at your own peril.

Equifax security breach

145.5 million accounts – most US adults are affected.

Identity theft will explode and Equifax will not be liable for the damage; when are we going to act?

Maybe worse is the under reported source code sharing by HP to the Russians of the security detection system that they provide the US military.

When are we going to act?


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Dragonfly 2.0 – U.S. and European Utilities

“The Dragonfly group appears to be interested in both learning how energy facilities operate and also gaining access to operational systems themselves, to the extent that the group now potentially has the ability to sabotage or gain control of these systems should it decide to do so,”

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Ransomwhere solutions

Ransomwhere cost over $1 billion dollars in 2016 with especially severe impact on small businesses.

However there are solutions:

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The recent attacks have focused on the 7% of all PCs still running Windows XP.

What’s really needed is a commitment to upgrade all software more rapidly. A Moore’s law for security updates. Older software needs to be disabled from making an internet connection; no exceptions. Thus no vector for transmission of malware.

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250 million computers infected

Fireball malware:

Know where your free download is coming from.

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Global Cyber Attack

Using the released NSA hacking tools Windows XP systems without the March update are now participating in one of the largest botnets attacking vulnerable machines.

There are many guilty parties contributing to this fiasco.

The administrators failing to patch systems

The software companies failing to properly support older software

The government for failing to secure its hacking tools

At some point modern systems may become unsustainable.

May 15 now over 200,000 computers in 150 countries. Total ransom collected $50,000 so far.


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Limits of Computation

time e.g. weather forecast
power e.g. mining bit coin
as fundemental as thermodynamics is to mechanical engineering

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Riemann Hypothesis and implications to cryptography

Intro – the video is very good. In fact it may take a quantum computer to prove the hypothesis.

However the distribution of primes that comes from the hypothesis does not speed up factoring the large numbers found in encryption protocols such as RSA.



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The Mathematics of Quantum Computing

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Quantum Computer Programming

The typical Wikipedia starting point:
The conventional textbook:

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