IT System Basics

IT System and Server Fundamentals, ignore at your own peril.

Microsoft moved its SharePoint Portals to Office 365

The story

97% of its sites- 240 portals, 70,000 sites. 11 person team a 9 month effort.

Some key takeaways: Governance

auto site creation and deletion(decommission) processes – 1 year cycle

metadata at the site container level unless it must be discoverable (taxonomy)

managing external sharing

classifying the information as to business sensitivity


Customizations – see



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The future of computing

The cloud has matured and will host most corporate and government data centers and applications.

The following highlights some of the numbers

Even big Silicon Valley companies are embracing cloud driven application development.

The software development process is now continuous for feature enhancement and security reasons.

Major Microsoft products including SharePoint and Exchange are more effectively delivered and secured through Office 365.

Accordingly this blog will refocus on these developments, the new IT System Basics.



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Consumer Data Breaches

20% of the survey reported issues.



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US Government Security incident statistics

This is no April Fool



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Information Quality the Competitive Advantage

an example


Essential considerations:
#1 Predictive Value
#2 Timeliness
#3 Accuracy
#4 Verification
#5 Context


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Information Governance 3.0 and information quality

Dimensions of Information Quality
1) Accuracy – Has it been checked or approved?
2) Reliability – is the source credible?
3) Presentation – simple, readable?
4) Timeliness – is it currently applicable?
5) Completeness – are the essentials covered?
6) Highlights Main Issues – fair and balanced?
7) Relevancy – on topic?
8) Usable Format – reusable electronic form?

Factors that reduce Quality:
1) Incorrect data
2) Poor credibility
3) Complex presentation
4) Out of date information
5) Incomplete
6) Focus on tertiary issues
7) Irrelevant – off point
8) Sloppy formatting

Typical examples leading to misinformation:
Old content never expired
No content approval process
No metadata tagging
Deep hierarchical structures
Poor information governance
Information governance increases the quality of information and reduces costly errors,
principally due to misinformation.

The business relies on utilizing the right stuff (high quality information)

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Microsoft Security Patches

The complete list is here:

20,520 patches 6/1/1998 – 12/8/2015

7537 Critical 9549 Important Impacts

Windows Server 2012 R2 count 205

Windows Server 2008 count 4751

Microsoft SharePoint count 265

Microsoft SQL Server count 224

Note vulnerability scanners examined to date do not test for all the vulnerabilities

Also the patch count can be compared e.g. systeminfo > c:\updates.txt




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Internet Explorer Browser Support January 12, 2016

“Beginning January 12, 2016, only the most current version of Internet Explorer available for a supported operating system will receive technical support and security updates, as shown in the table below: ”

Windows Support



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Information Governance 3.0

This is a continuation of a previous post

The official definition is “Governance is the set of policies, roles, responsibilities, and processes that you establish in your enterprise to guide, direct, and control how it uses technologies to accomplish business goals.”

A simpler definition is “What is practically permitted by the technology” In the case of SharePoint/Office 365 the following factors are predominant, primarily due to the schema of the underlying SQL database.

1) long urls – current limits

2) workflows – multiple processes

3) large lists – current thresholds 5000 items

4) outstanding versions e.g. Best Practice is to set a limit e.g. 4 major versions

5) bad links – just sloppy

6)legal characters in file names –

7)folder depth – related to long url’s, typically 4 or 5 levels

8)broken features/web parts –

9)custom security groups – auditing

10)content types, the basic building blocks



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Web 3.0 The Future of Search

Cortana and ReachIt


“Cortana supports natural language search for files on your computer. For example, you can ask Cortana to “find pictures from August” or “find documents about Windows” to find pictures from the months of August or document files related to Windows.

It’s the built-in Windows search feature ,but with more natural language capabilities. It’s easier to use than the old search operators.”

ReachIt extends Cortana access to other cloud environments


P.S. Metadata will still help you find the right stuff.


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